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Evelyne recently graduated in International Politics and Diplomacy at the University of Padua. She has a background in awareness campaigns and joined the dGen team as Marketing & Content Writer Intern.

Elements of Financial Inequality

May 11, 2021

Financial inequality is recognised as a main problem of our age. Asymmetries emerging from the global production system give some clarity into this issue.

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Growing the European Startup Ecosystem: New Trends in Funding

December 18, 2020

Europe research and innovation is strong, but misses the final piece of the puzzle for growth - European private investment. This might be changing.

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Quadratic Voting on the Blockchain - Counting Voter Preference

November 26, 2020

Global democracies need to be modernised. Innovative digital solutions might make our political systems more decentralised and participatory.

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Tax Harmonisation in the EU: Intelligent Tax Administration

November 25, 2020

Taxation is a sensitive topic in the EU. Yet, a more digitised and harmonised taxation will support the European economic recovery after Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Remote Work Revolution with Ingrid Ødegaard of Whereby

November 10, 2020

Work is changing rapidly, thanks to advances in technology and communication. What possibilities in remote work are possible after Covid-19?

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Democracy Decentralised: Voting, Governance & Transparency

October 29, 2020

In light of the next US Presidential elections, we explored theoretical ideas and practical experiments to make our democracies more inclusive.

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Remote Work in Europe, 2030

October 14, 2020

Covid-19 was a catalyst to remote work, revealing possibilities and hiccups at warp speed. How will remote work evolve in the next decade?

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CBDCs and Economic Powers: Impact of a digital Yuan on the Euro

September 15, 2020

While a digital Yuan is meant to challenge the Dollar, it may pose a bigger threat to the Euro in the second spot.

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What is AI & How Can It Improve Healthcare?

August 25, 2020

AI is a rapidly evolving technology. We explore some of the different forms that AI takes, and how they can drive the future of healthcare.

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Supporting Blockchain Innovation in Europe with David Vatchev of R3

August 18, 2020

David Vatchev of R3 gave us some predictions for the future and further insights into DeFi at R3.

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AI, Privacy, and Genomics: The Next Era of Drug Design

August 12, 2020

Covid-19 remains a pressing problem. AI and genomics can speed vaccine and drug R&D, but we need better privacy first.

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The Future of DeFi with Marc Zeller of Aave

July 29, 2020

Marc Zeller, long-time Ethereum enthusiast, weighed in on the future of DeFi and Aave, an opensource DeFi protocol.

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Decentralised Finance: Usecases & Risks for Mass Adoption

July 16, 2020

DeFi has seen substantial evolution over its 2 years in existence. Our report looks at the current landscape and the coming 10 years.

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