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Researching adoption in blockchain & decentralisation

A Think Tank for the


Decentralised Generation

After Gen X, characterised by big societal shifts, Gen Y (better known as millennials), and the digital native Gen Z, we’re seeing a new generation that is growing up in a future shaped by different dynamics and technological developments. This creates opportunities for borders to fade and traditional networks to decentralise.


The dGen Research Initiative

To understand apparent unconnected societal and technological developments and how their combined occurrence is creating a decentralised generation, dGen is studying their movements to provide our members with concise insights.

The market intelligence we distill in our reports is fueled by members and researchers. Our members share their industry perspective, but can also contribute to the report publication schedule, participate in events, and support our overarching goal of navigating the strategic opportunities and implications that blockchain technology and decentralisation will have on society and key industries. That’s how we prepare for the decentralised generation.



Lessons From Brexit: How To Protect EU Citizens From Fake News

Polarisation resulting from political bias; the influence of advertising; fake news projecting doubt on the democratic process and fuelling fissures among public trust in the media and our institutions. We've looked into the 2016 referendum and its subsequent and ongoing fallout to understand how Brexit shaped our post-truth world.

Blockchain technology is known to minimise the need for trust and offering immutability of data; could these two aspects help mitigate the influence of disinformation?

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dGen is an independent non-profit research institute. We focus on how emerging technology can contribute to a decentralised future in Europe and what this might mean for people, society, private entities, and the public sector over the coming decades.

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