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Fashion, Beauty & Emerging Tech with Jiya Sharma

We talk with Jiya Sharma, up-and-coming fashion tech enthusiast, about her passion for writing and the French Tech Ecosystem.



February 16, 2021

Jiya Sharma is our French Ambassador and resident Newsletter expert.

France is one of the biggest blockchain hubs in Europe, and we couldn’t be happier with the Ambassador in charge of the Frenchie Ecosystem, Jiya Sharma

With the Ambassador Programme, we aim to give a chance to tech enthusiasts to discover how the European ecosystem looks while increasing dGen’s scope in their respective nations through their efforts. 

But the most important thing for us is to make it a pleasant and exciting experience for all of the Ambassadors. We strive to make this opportunity beneficial for those who help us explore what's next in the tech field, and always try to make sure they can improve their skills during the way - a difficult task when our Ambassadors are already so skilled.

Hello Jiya, could you tell us who you are and what drove you to the tech ecosystem?

Hello! Well, I am a Fashion Business student at ESMOD Paris. I am also the founder of The Closet On The Cloud, a weekly Fashion Tech Newsletter that offers a 360° , global view of the happenings at the intersection of Fashion, Beauty & Technology. 

Originally from India, back home, I studied Science including Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Therefore, while I study business, I’ve always had a passion for Science & Technology. During my internship in Fashion Retail at Longchamp Paris, I couldn’t help but notice how much more efficient daily tasks could be if we just invested in some AI within the store.   This drove me to write an article on "AI in Luxury Retail" which gained a lot of traction. Technology and all its potential have been on my radar ever since! 

It hasn’t been long since we asked you to join the Ambassador Programme, but we fell in love with your writing style! Where did you learn to write like that? 

That is incredibly kind of you! Well, despite no vocational training, writing has been second nature to me for as long as I can remember! Since the day I learnt the alphabet as a child, before leaving for work, my parents assigned me with a set of words that were to be converted into a poem by the end of the day, starting with word-sets of the nature: cat, bat, rat, which became increasingly sophisticated as I grew.

Moreover, I am privileged to be writing on subjects that I am passionate about as a result of which the knowledge flows right out and the words just seem to be arranging themselves.

What are you currently doing and focused on?

I am currently all set to step right into my final year at ESMOD Paris, where I shall be specialising in Creative Sector Marketing & Communications. With Closet On The Cloud, my current focus is to enhance my understanding of the Fashion Industry, keep in constant touch with upcoming technologies, and spread the word among enthusiasts in the field.

Being new to the field myself, I hope to grow and learn with those I meet both, physically and electronically as well as spend my free time reading the most innovative newsletters and blogs so I can forecast for myself what the future holds not just for the industry but for the world! 

How is your experience going so far as dGen Ambassador in France?

My experience at dGen has been « exploratory » if I were to sum it up in one word! Within the past few months, with all I have read and seen of dGen I am so excited for more and more people to discover it. The dedication, creativity, vision and futuristic outlook of dGen is undoubtedly unmatched. 

Not only is it incredibly ‘cool’ to be a part of a dynamic think tank like dGen, it is equally transforming. Transforming since I have had the opportunity to step outside just Fashion and look out for the Tech ecosystem in France as a whole. 

Being a dGen Ambassador has allowed me to interact with individuals I would never have encountered otherwise, for which I am extremely grateful. I have also really enjoyed transparency in the work process and flexibility that I have had in the activities that I could contribute to. After a few weeks of hit & trial, I think I have finally found my place within the magnanimous think tank and look forward to all upcoming projects. 

Would you encourage people to join this programme?

Oh que oui!! The ambassador program is one of the very few of its kind out there that welcomes both connoisseurs and newbies to the platform with an equal opportunity to learn and grow in the ecosystem. Both for professionals and enthusiasts in the space, I recommend joining the program to make connections in one’s ecosystem, understand the functioning of a think tank and opportunity to enhance networking skills at the very base. Ahead of this, what one would like to make out of the program is completely in their hands. And in 2020, when flexibility and the ability to choose is of utmost importance, no work environment is better suited to thrive and grow. 

Thank you so much, Jiya! We look forward to hearing from you more and reading more of your insights in The Closet On the Cloud. Last but not least, if you enjoyed our spiced up last newsletter, now you know why!

Francisco has a degree in Business and Law, and is currently working for dGen to communicate its vision for blockchain adoption to an audience of thought leaders in tech companies, corporates, and the public sector as a researcher and marketer.