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Launching our Fellowship Programme

Collaboration drives our research, and allows us to bring better and more grounded insights. Forming clear networks is our next step forward.



February 16, 2021

If you would like to contribute to the future of emerging tech in Europe, please get in touch at

It has been over a year since we began the adventure of educating people, organisations and governments with monthly research reports. Our mission is to speak to the general public about Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and IoT in language anybody can understand. We believe that while these emerging technologies are individually bringing disruptive innovation,  their convergence is where the greatest innovation and people-first technologies lie.

The pandemic forced the world to embrace mass digital transformation to survive the new post-outbreak reality. While this has certainly been a hardship, it also jumpstarted adoption of some of the most innovative technology. And, it reaffirmed the necessity to educate and share knowledge across Europe to build and thrive in a decentralised future.

Our research reports focus on specific use-cases and aim to drive discussion and thought-provoking ideas. We collaborate with experts and community members to explore how the decentralised landscape will look in the future. 

Due to the fantastic reactions our reports get and insightful feedback from our readers, we want to start a new initiative. We are delighted to announce the kick-off of our Fellowship Programme.

This programme aims to involve emerging tech experts, from every corner of the European continent, in our research process. We are looking for high-level emerging tech profiles - people who love looking many steps ahead with the willingness to push adoption. Our Fellows will have the chance to be involved in our research process from beginning-to-end, and jump in where they see fit. Through collaboration with experts, we increase the quality, value and scope of our work.

What does this mean?

  • Distribute our reports through their networks
  • Review reports
  • Identify and reach out to collaborators and sponsors.

In exchange for their priceless collaboration on our research, our fellows will receive:

  • Access to our community 
  • Speak at events
  • Host webinars
  • Earn merit on our reports
  • Write for our blog
  • Guide our research calendar 
  • Be featured on our blog and website
  • Collaborate on EU grants
  • Standard commission for sponsorship achievements

If you feel that you have something to lend to the future of emerging tech in Europe, please get in touch with us at We welcome a range of voices from across Europe.

Francisco has a degree in Business and Law, and is currently working for dGen to communicate its vision for blockchain adoption to an audience of thought leaders in tech companies, corporates, and the public sector as a researcher and marketer.