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Tax Harmonisation in the EU: Intelligent Tax Administration

‍This report explores the potential of emerging data solutions to improve taxation and increase harmonisation across the EU single market. With new blockchain and AI solutions, the EU could simplify tax collection and compliance.

Democracy Decentralised: Voting, Governance & Transparency

Due to Covid-19, democratic elections suffered lower voter turnout compared to previous years. This highlights the need for an online voting system to run in tandem with traditional voting options. We explore what's available and what's possible.

A think tank for the

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adoption of decentralised technology.

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The dGen Foundation is a Dutch non-profit founded in 2019 through a generous initiation grant from Beyond Ventures, a venture studio in Berlin, Germany.  

We are a non-profit think tank for the responsible, inclusive, and accessible adoption of technology. We believe that technological change has the power to transform the distribution of power, money, and ownership. We convene communities, technology users, and industry to discuss how technology can be a decentralising force in society and the economy.

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dGen is committed to advancing independent research on decentralized technology and the emerging social, political, economic, and technological implications of decentralism.

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dGen is excited to announce our 2021 Fellow Program. The program is open to all applicants. We strongly encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to consider applying.

dGen fellows consist of researchers, policymakers, emerging leaders, and academics.

The fellow program provides a platform for fellows to publish research and writing, collaborate with the dGen community, and access mentorship and professional opportunities.

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Decentralised Governance: A Lesson for Democracies

What can blockchain communities — and DAOs — teach democracies about governance?

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