Exploring Decentralisation

dGen is exploring topics that advance decentralism and decentralised technology. We are committed to supporting a future where new generations will grow up with ownership over their digital selves, access to inclusive and fair markets, and opportunities that are not limited by borders or creed.

To do this, we are identifying what today's leaders and consumers need to know about decentralisation to drive forward groundbreaking ideas and progressive change. Through #ThinkDecentralised we will start sharing what we learn about the big challenges facing the decentralised generation, answering what it will take to drive adoption and understanding.

Join us in our mission to get the world to #ThinkDecentralised.

What Would It Take

What would it take to build a decentralised future? How can we harness the principles of decentralism and decentralised technology to create new opportunities and advance access and equality?

Together with leaders from across industry and academia, dGen is looking to the future. We are building a deep knowledge base on core issues related to a decentralised future to accelerate adoption and understanding of what it means to #ThinkDecentralised.

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